About Us

Inspired by the new behaviors of coming together to enjoy a meal, Curtis Stone and his team invite you to Picnic Society by Gwen. Harkening back to the social gatherings in London during the 19th century, good food, the right company, and a spot of entertainment make for the most memorable afternoons. 

With favorites from the Gwen menu along with housemade charcuterie, terrines, pâtés and rillette from the butchers, the marketplace is brimming with picnic staples. Choose to dine on our patio with a menu of steak frites, grilled lobster or branzino and lighter fare of sandwiches and salads.

Whether it's a secluded beach, a forest floor spread after a trek, or perhaps a shady patch of grass at The Grove or your own backyard - the world is your restaurant and it's ready for your picnic.